"I've done a lot of things in life, which I really liked. From the moment I grew familiar with the surface (pattern) design world, it felt like coming home.  
I love my work, I love the people I meet and I can't wait to become connected with all of you who are interested in my design style and what I do. I look forward building a long-lasting creative relationship with you."

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Esther Emma Jongste is the designer and owner of EM | Surface Design.

Esther Jongste

Technique and creativity

There is always the urge to analyze the organization, and the relationships between the elements of something complex. There are opportunities and limitations.
I am curious about the possibilities of offered designs and materials.
Within the given ideas and styles, it is a fascinating challenge to handpick the ultimate boundaries of implementation. 

Fascination and passion

Since childhood, I have been experimenting with the elements of color, composition, rhythm, and technique and how these elements influence the entire design-combination.

Again and again, I am surprised by the power of repeat, the effect of the mood of the color palette and the subtlety of the balance of the composition

Expertise and experience

More than ten years of working as a designer in digital graphics has given me a solid background and high level of expertise in graphical computer technology. 

Tanja Ootes |Travel counsellor


Debora Banse | marketing at  Van der Meulen

Another passion

Photography and Imaging is another passion of mine. With three photographers friends, we are the photo collective EYESEE. During the fall of 2012, our work was exhibited in Bellas Artes gallery. For those who are curious about my photography, take a look at my gallery here.

I am always looking for opportunities to elevate the everyday, to convert and reshape them into something new, something fresh.

I think you are committed to the goals you have set for yourself, and that you are reliable and a social person to work with.

Désirée Verhoeven | Marketing Employee