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One of the featured designers in the brand new e-book Pattern Mix by Pattern People.   e-book Pattern Mix by Pattern People The newest edition to our e-book collection, Pattern Mix: A Collection of Inspiring Prints by Designers from Around the World, features the best emerging designers in surface design now. Showcasing the work of...

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exclusive access snippets

Exclusive Access portfolio

The public portfolio shows a glimpse of some of EM | Surface Design's collections. Each collection that is showcased gives you a sneak peek of the exclusive patterns and delicious color mood-images.There are many more collections in the exclusive access area of the website. View the entire online portfolio and have experience, how our artwork will bring your...

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Hue Inspiration ‘Wall-sculpture’

One of my favorite places in town is the library. It is a wonderful resource of information. But walking there is a pleasure too. The building counts several places where the wall is decorated with sculptures. They have great colors and wonderful textures.Today a snapshot of some details as starting point for Inspirational Hues. 'Chestnut', 'deep...

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Hue inspiration ‘rose’

Another found hue inspiration. A forgotten rose on weather 'stained' concrete. | firebrick | telemagenta | dollar bill | buff | pale spring bud | Which one is your favorite hue? What kind of print or pattern do you think is suitable for this palette? Newsletter And stay up to date with our newsletterLaat dit veld leeg als...

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Hue inspiration ‘fruit’

Hues that inspire stumbled upon in daily life. Today left over grapes among some other fruit on the table platter.  | old burgundy | citron | golden yellow | pumpkin | alizarin crimson |  Which one is your favorite hue in this color palette?Is there a fruit that you really like to see as a motif in prints? Like...

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Hue inspiration ‘hazelnut’

Introducing a new recurring item on the inspiration page. Colors and hues are very important as it comes to a design. Very often I become inspired by a wonderful combination of colors I stumbled on in everyday life. It is only a tiny step to share my discoveries with you. A new theme for the inspiration...

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