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Collaboration with Pink Studio Stock

I am happy to announce that several of our designs are now available at Pink Studio Stock. 

pink studio stock


Pink Studio Stock is a great resource and networking website, that gives the chance to buy designs (prints, patterns, and graphics) from other designers.

Allowing you to use these designs for your commercial or personal projects.

Pink Studio Stock offers large and small prints, patterns and graphics in inspiring and useful formats.

They offer designers to sell their designs on their website like a shop in shop.Pink Studio Stock is a resourceful and valuable tool for any business, designer or buyer, offering unique designs at a range of competitive prices.

Pink Studio Stock License offer three types of licenses:
•    Stock License
•    Enhanced Stock License
•    Exclusive stock license

More information about license at the Pink Studio Stock License or contact the Pink Studio Stock team at

Seller at Pink Studio Stock

Because a part of the EM | Surface Design portfolio is a perfect fit for the Pink Studio concept, I have decided to collaborate with Petra Huffmeijer, the founder and owner of Pink Studio and Pink Studio Stock.

Last weeks we started out with posting 4 collections to the Pinks Studio Stock webshop. Over time the selection of prints at Pink Studio Stock will expand.

Feel free to look around at the Esther Jongste product page in the Pink Studio Stock webshop to find the perfect design that fits your product.

Pink Studio Stock snippets

Special services licensing. 

If you are interested in any other artwork license, feel free to contact us, so we can discuss the options.


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license |ˈlīsəns|

noun  | authorize the use, performance, or release of (something)

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