Pins in the picture: My style

Every artist has it's own style. It is always interesting to look up your style in someone else's work. On my pinterest board 'inspiration | my style', you can scroll through my finds



style |stīl|

noun | a manner of doing something

inspiration | my style

Sally Campbell textiMociunsonia delaunayMarimekkoMarimekko Design by .
Rough-diamond-and-BrLINOCUT PRINT geometa place for artAttika,design Maija Diamond Dogs Wallpapthe style files
sunny toddSanna AnnukkaFabric design by inamarimekko designer, * Viaduct-Blue PatteDesign: Angelo Testa
fabricAvenue  by Jilly BirKanteleen Kutsu desiMiniModerns are all Ashley Goldberg scriBasic Design Excerci

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