Pins in the picture: My style

Every artist has it's own style. It is always interesting to look up your style in someone else's work. On my pinterest board 'inspiration | my style', you can scroll through my finds



style |stīl|

noun | a manner of doing something

inspiration | my style

Sally Campbell textilesLINOCUT PRINT geometric pattern black block by thebigharumph, $22.00Fabric design by inaluxe (via Patterns) #inaluxeMiniModerns are all about patterns. Here are designs from their newest collection some of which are inspired by a backgammon board.
Rough-diamond-and-Brancusi by Skinny laMinxSanna AnnukkaKanteleen Kutsu designed by Sanna Annukka #Marimekko #FinlandMarimekko Design by Erja Hirvi named Kuminathe style files
sunny toddAvenue  by Jilly BirdMarimekkoDiamond Dogs Wallpaper in Chartreuse by SchumacherDesign: Angelo Testa | 1950s
fabricsonia delaunayAttika,design Maija & Kristina Isola for Marimekko* Viaduct-Blue Pattern by Imogen Heath (via design*sponge Design Excercise by alphanumeric., via Flickr
Mociuna place for artmarimekko designer, Maija Isola-Ashley Goldberg scribbled diamonds

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