7 reasons why I love cleaning up


Yes I know what you think, just a bunch of newspaper pages. And yes, you are right, just a bunch of gathered newspaper pages and snippets.

Just a bunch to any one else. Unlikely to me, it is far more than that. I will put it out in words, what it is what you really see in this picture.

Every week I receive a pile of interesting parts out of the new-papers from some friends near by [thanks, girls]. The pages have themes like fashion, trends, color, home decor, etc.
Once in a while I go through all those gathered pages that has piled up in my office.

And these are my discoveries: 

  1. An article of two whole pages about the successful dutch textile designer Mae Engelgeer of Studio Mae Engelgeer. [oh yes to follow your dream and keep up doing what you really like and you are good at]
  2. An article about color trends for 2015; color blocking is favorite. Teal, blue, emerald and radiant orchid are favorite too. [I like the idea of color-blocking; and in some way prints with a large scale have the same effect. I love to 'blow up' prints]
  3. A musician beautiful dressed up in brown, red, green and yellow; another color palette I loved immediately. Especially with that kind of retro print. 
  4. Three runway models in blue, red and magenta. [a kind of color blocking too, if you know what I mean]
  5. Knitting apparel is hot again; some really cool samples. [I love the texture of created knitwork]
  6. A trend-style article about kids fashion. [kids prints are fun to create]
  7. And did you know I am very fond of bright colored chocolate papers? Samples of wall-paper out of the DIY-stores? All shades and textures of brown to a dusty pink!
    And I gather postcards and samples with art or other interesting stuff, such as prints on wrapping paper, etc.

The interesting thing in (trend) research is  mostly twofold.

  • either you get inspired to create something new, something fresh.
  • either you discover that you are already on the right track in creating your art.

So that are the reasons why I love to clean up my stack of gathered newspaper pages and other stuff. It gives you newly found resources seven fold back!

I believe Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. Do you have a foretaste in the way you pour inspiration? Magazines or newspapers, like I did over here? Or Pinterest or any other source of inspiration on the internet? People around you. What they buy, what they wear?

Please, tell me more about your resources in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.


research |ˈrēˌsər ch; riˈsər ch |

noun | the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions

Inspirational Hues


| golden brown | steel blue | dark sea green | puce | indian red |

Newspaper pages and its inspirational hues. Check out the Inspirational Hues Post.


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