Everything is a remix

About art is said, "everything is a remix." In Dutch we say: there isn’t anything new under the sun. An interesting thought, don’t you think?. To quote the words of Jason Silva I heard in an interview with Marie Forleo lately : " .. and everything is build on preexisting knowledge base. Creative...

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Outside your comfort zone

Pattern Observer is a great source of inspiration. Their e-courses are simply amazing. Last year I learned a lot, taking several of those classes.  Next to the classes there is more. Chelsea's challenges inside the Textile Design Lab takes me almost every time to new corners on a certain subject or motif.  And on...

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Michelle Fifis testimonial

Michelle Fifis

Esther is talented, dedicated, reliable and a pleasure to work with on a consistent basis. I wholeheartedly recommend Esther’s design services to any company who is looking for marketable patterns with an artistic twist....

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