Festive announcement contest Dutch Textile Museum Tilburg

Last sunday [september 14th] the festive announcement of the winners of the i-Contest, Print-it! took place. 

The jury invested quite some time to review every nominated design. They were impressed by the high level of the designs and design process. Only three winners could be announced. All of high quality and inspirational to create new work yourself. 

The winners and their work

Michelle van der Poel - winner 1 | textile pressed between oxidized metal plates
Mirjam Schavemaker-Heinsbroek - winner 2 | Embossed lacemaking



Marijke Appelman winner 3 | existing print perforated


Very fun to see all the nominated works together in one room. There were very interesting designs among them.

Unfortunately my design wasn't among the winners. But the winners were very well deserved. They inspired me to work out other ideas I have in mind.
To me it was a very useful experience.

Thank you! To all my friends, family and followers who supported me so very well

I had the privilege to meet Miranda Mol from 'Miranda Mol Surface Pattern Design', who was one of the nominated designers too. I did already know her and her work, but never had met her in person. 

Esther Jongste [left] Miranda Mol [right]
Esther Jongste [left] Miranda Mol [right]
a walk through the Textiel Museum Tilburg

My contribution to the contest can be found here at the contest gallery of the Dutch Textile Museum.

In my post 'Everything is a remix, I explain how the design process did take place.

EMSurfaceDesign-201408-TM-everythingisaremix-tiles-800Which design of the winners inspires you the most? And do you have an idea of a print in mind as a follow up?


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I Contest, Print it!
A contest for artists and designers.
With a special focus on printing and the pattern design.




noun |ˈwinər|

a person or thing that wins something.



adjective |ˈˈfestiv|

of or relating to a festival.

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