Nomination i-Contest, Print-it!


Last week my design‘Everything is a Remix’ was nominated as one of the thirty that will be judged by the official jury of the i-Contest, Print-it! of the Dutch Textile Museum.

There were more than two-hundred submissions; to be one of the thirty is a real honor. During 4 days the nominated designs will be exhibited in the Textile Museum.

From September 11th till 14th they will be displayed to every visitor of the Museum. The visitors can vote for their favorites.

Sunday September 14th at 5 pm the three winners chosen by the jury will be announced together with the publics most favorite piece.

My contribution to the contest can be found here at the contest gallery of the Dutch Textile Museum.

In my post 'Everything is a remix, I explain how the design process did take place.


Textile Museum/ Textile Lab, The Netherlands

Special recommendation for Print and Pattern lovers
Exhibition Artists Textiles: Picasso to Warhol
June 14th 2014 till September 14th 2014

I Contest, Print it!
A contest for artists and designers.
With a special focus on printing and the pattern design.




noun |näməˈnā sh ən|

the action of nominating or state of being nominated.




noun |ˈkänˌtest|

an event in which people compete for supremacy in a sport, activity, or particular quality.

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