Hue Inspiration guitar in concert

The blues are one of my favorite kind of music. And Eric Bibb one of my favorite blues singer songwriters. This shot was taken just before the Eric Bibb concert started. The colors were a foretaste for the music that would take over this palette really soon.

| persian blue | space cadet | halaya ube | ochre | carrot orange |

Which one is your favorite hue?

Persian blue and carrot orange makes me think of a delicious salad you can find at our dish regularly. Persian carrot salad. Maybe next time we will serve it in a (persian) blue bowl. That would complete the story.

Can you think of incredible color combination with orange and blue?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to hear your stories.


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Hue inspiration

Colors and hues are very important as it comes to a design.
Very often I become inspired by a wonderful combination of colors, I stumbled upon in everyday life.
It is only a tiny step, to share my discoveries with you


blues |bloōz|

noun | melancholic music of black American folk origin, typically in a twelve-bar sequence

carrot |ˈkarət|

noun | a tapering orange-colored root eaten as a vegetable.

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