Hue Inspiration pins on a board

Pin-up board, notice board, bulletin board, all say the same. Watch me, I have important stuff on me, which is there, because you want to remember it, some day.

| jazzberry jam | international orange | spanish orange | urobilin | dark vanilla |

Which one is your favorite hue?

Something to remember too. Jazzberry jam, spanish orange and dark vanilla. Their terrific flavor make a perfect palette too.

Do you remember some terrific names for color? Feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comments below.


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Hue inspiration

Colors and hues are very important as it comes to a design.
Very often I become inspired by a wonderful combination of colors, I stumbled upon in everyday life.
It is only a tiny step, to share my discoveries with you. 


pin |pin|

noun | a small piece of metal or wood for fastening or attaching things, in particular

remember |riˈmembər|

verb | have in or be able to bring to one's mind an awareness of

2 reacties

  1. Heather26 november 2014

    I am loving the color Jazzberry Jam! What a yummy color palette you’ve come up with!

    1. Esther26 november 2014

      haha thanks Heather 🙂 jazzberry jam, sounds already delicious itself, don’t you think?


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