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Pins in the picture

Pins in the picture? 

In fact that's what we do: putting pins in pictures. To hold them into place. Into one place. Into our place.

Why should we do that?
Because out of all the given information on one subject, we are interested in, we want to have an overview on what we find the top of the bill, the icing on the cake, the number ones.

To be clear, pins are not the actual inspiration sources. In my opinion they are rather a reflection of where they stand for. A bookmark and redirection.

Twenty-first century designer's tool.
So once I was immersed into the world of surface (pattern) design, Pinterest became more interesting to me. In fact, I think it is THE internet tool for designers who are actually, collectors of ideas, inspirational themes, items, topics, and other bits & pieces.
Visual bookmarks in the virtual world gathered together in a stylish, elegant, smooth and smart way. What else do we want as designer?

A joint winner.
When you should walk along my boards, 9 out of 10, you will stumble upon the label inspirational.
And that is what my pins all have in common, they inspire me to create!

They make me impatient to take it as a starting point for a fresh design and make it my own. Mingling it with my own ideas, finds and fingerprints. 


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in the picture

inform, fill in, explain the situation/ circumstances to, bring up to date, update, brief, keep posted, clue in, bring up to speed.

Pins in the picture? 

Our pins in the spotlight. This post is an introductory to a new reoccurring blog theme. Where, in each post, I will highlight a pin-board, which might be interesting to you.

Give me the pleasure and let me introduce our pins to you, our boards, our Pinterest boards. The reflection of our style, our interests and inspiration sources.

In this introductory post, I'll show you a sneak peek of my recently pinned pins.
At the bottom a Pinterest button, which will lead you directly to the displayed pin-board.

If you are interested to stay up to date on our pins? Follow us at Pinterest as well. Thank you!

Next time we will focus on one particular pin-board.


Silhouette Design Store - View Design #115716: chickens‘Cocky Locky’ From ‘Yummy’ published by Walker Books Ltd in 2009 Media used: Gouache Original Unpublished Artwork Unmounted Dimensions: 200 x 180 mm £275.00 + VAT= £330.00 * countries outside of EU do not pay VATchristian robinson - roosters, watercolour, 2012: Tablemat - Wacky Chicken - Jersey Pottery Leuke afbeelding om te appliqueren #steinebemalenvorlagen Tablemat - Wacky Chicken - Jersey Pottery Leuke afbeelding om te appliquerenRed Shamo (2013) by Japanese artist Miroko Machiko. via the artists soteThis drawing was done in pastel and charcoal chickens Jacob Marley
Lumadessa | Design GraphiquecockerelChick by Lee Wildish The Art of Childrens Picture Books: The Twelve Days of Christmas, Brian Wildsmith
fuchsia #hen #logo #cadememi #agriturismoroostersYusuke YonezuHow-to Draw a Birdi love graphic chickensArtemio-Tampon Transparent poules naïf Transparent: Cuisine & Maison
Nanna PrielerPatterned Hen @Alanna Tameta Tameta Cavanagh    #Illustration14 Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997), Three Roosters, ca. 1980 by 50 Watts, via FlickrElise Gravel illustration • fish • hens • chickens • owls • birds • drawing • cute • fun • art • animals • pattern • colorfulRONA LIU — dailysushi: Guest artist: “Chicken Run” by Rona...Cute Doodle Chicken & Egg Clipart Set Ideal by CollectiveCreation, $3.20

About Pinterest

pinterestinterest is a free website that requires registration to use. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos and images) through collections known as pinboards. Pinterest acts as a personalized media platform. Users can browse the content of others on the main page. Users can then save individual pins to one of their own boards using the "Pin It" button, with Pinboards typically organized by a central topic or theme. Users can personalize their experience with Pinterest by pinning items, creating boards, and interacting with other members. By doing so, the users "pin feed" displays unique, personalized results.
[source: Pinterest at Wikipedia]
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