Receiving the Pattern Observer’s Award of Excellence

I proudly announce, that I received Pattern Observer's Award of Excellence. A recommendation which will lead to more engagement with potential buyers and other interested professionals out of the industry. 

What Pattern Observer says about the Award of Excellence:

Pattern Observer's Award of Excellence Esther JongsteDesigners who have earned our “Award of Excellence” have proven themselves to be talented artists, trustworthy partners and emerging leaders in our industry.

They have experience in the apparel, home decor and quilting markets and are working with clients around the globe.

At Pattern Observer there is a special gallery page, where interested agents and manufacturers can inform themselves about designers who received this special Award of Excellence. 

The Award of Excellence was officially announced in the Pattern Observer Newsletter of February 4th 2015. My colleague Designer and valued friend Brittany McLaughlin received the Award as well. 

Michelle Fifis in the Newsletter

Designers Brittany McLaughlin and Esther Jongste have been a joy to work with over the past few years and we were delighted to add them to our small, but talented group of winners. You can check out their profiles and websites through our awards page. Congrats to both Brittany and Esther!

More specific information about Pattern Observer and the Textile Design Lab is shown in the sidebar of this post. >>


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award |əˈwôrd|

noun | a prize or other mark of recognition given in honor of an achievement

excellence |ˈeksələns|

noun | the quality of being outstanding or extremely good

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