Preparing is the key

Creating a pattern collection for newborns and toddlers was a new challenge for me. I always  loved sewing for my kids when they were still young. Such a joy to search for the perfect matching fabrics in color palette, pattern and texture.

Before diving into the design process, I like to do some research.

The questions are:

  • For who will I design the collection?
  • What are the circumstances?
  • Where does he or she buy their shoppings now?
  • What trends are a good fit?
  • What inspires my customer?
  • What inspires me?

Visualizing my thoughts and ideas really works for me. So the first thing I do is creating a mind map, where I can put down all my thoughts that pop up in my mind. While ordering my thoughts by creating the mind map, slowly a picture grows in my mind.

With that picture in mind, I start researching my (internet) resources. Like there are Pinterest, Google, runways on blogs like or Stylesight/ WGSN, etc.

Especially Pinterest has taken my heart, because it is so easy to gather the finds and add them to a personal board or even hidden personal board.

Finds else where on the internet, can be caught on your board too.



Inspiration in trend and style.

More inspiration on the Pinterest board I created, can be found here.

In the end, the story of my consumer comes together in a mood board.
Her name is Lisa and she and her husband just started a family. The rest of her story is 'told' on the story / mood board below.


The collection will be a range of fabrics, which will be easy to mix and match together. Versatile in color combinations and scale. For that reason I choose to work in Illustrator.

Designing for newborns and toddlers was a terrific new experience. It felt like 'coming home'. This research lead to a collection of eight prints and one placement. All prints have the quality to mix and match with each other. Still enough ideas in mind, so this story of Lisa and her friends will be continued.

Right now the finished collection is on the sales floor. Some snippets in a row.


If you are logged in, you can find the collection in detail here.

If you have a question or like to share your thoughts about the collection, the research or anything else, please feel free to use share your thoughts in the comments below.


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newborn  | ˈn(y)oōˌbôrn |

adjective  | (of a child or animal) recently or just born


toddler   | ˈˈtädlər |

noun   | a young child who is just beginning to walk.

Inspirational Hues

 | heart gold | medium red violet | blue bell | dark cyan | sea blue |
| heart gold | medium red violet | blue bell | dark cyan | sea blue |
Graffitti and its inspirational hues. Check out the Inspirational Hues Post.

6 reacties

  1. Magda1 december 2014

    Fantastic post and I loved reading about your process!

    1. Esther1 december 2014

      Thanks a lot, Magda. Great to hear. 🙂

  2. Carlyn Clark2 december 2014

    What a great post Esther! I love the idea of using a mind map to start the design process. Thanks!

    1. Esther2 december 2014

      Thanks, Carlyn. Yes that really works out great for me. It is so much more easy to formulate an ‘image’ after the mind map is created.

  3. May12 december 2014

    Thanks for sharing your process. Your print collection is beautiful !

    1. Esther12 december 2014

      Thank you, May. That is really nice to hear 🙂


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